Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship plays a key role in holistic development of a youth. The young population that are ready to be skilled and a demand for skilled labour from the industry gives an impetus to the economic development of the country. The skill development mission could redefine the skill landscape of the country by providing employment opportunities to the youth, giving them dignity of labour and leading the country towards the rapid economic growth as envisaged by Hon. Prime Minister of India. In more ways than one, Skill India will act as the catalyst for other major initiatives such as Digital India, Make in India, Smart Cities etc. It is important to recognize the interdependence of these initiatives and active involvement of various stakeholders in making it happen.

With a vision to integrate skill development initiatives, employment opportunities and encourage self-employment, Maharashtra Government has launched the Mahaswayam Portal. With an increasing mismatch between the industrial requirements in multiple sectors and skills acquired by unemployed youth, this portal brings together the skill aspirants, job seekers, training providers and employers under one umbrella. My endeavor is to align human resources dividend of the state with industries, service sectors and state growth. The Mahaswayam Portal will not only provide students to undertake specialized training but also help them in channelizing their job requirements.

Even after completing courses, youths are unable to find suitable jobs matching their qualifications. Under the integrated portal, a mechanism is provided to ensure that the skilled youth are available for the industry and get jobs in desired sectors or are self-employed for a sustainable living.

I extend my all round support to the cause of providing the youth right skills and employment opportunities.


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