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Raw Cannabis Extract

The Elixir of Medicinal Cannabis plant’s leaves

On your left you see a Pharmacist is filling a syringe of raw cannabis extract from the Stainless steel utensil. This is final action after quite a few continuous and multiple hours of tiresome work of a team of pharmacists, Lab technicians, university professor and a chief scientist. The final product (RAW CANNABIS EXTRACT) is akin to many a honey bees gathering few grams of honey after a full days of hard work. The vial will be sent to testing laboratories in house and to a third party to know the cannabinoid contents in the product. Apart from medicinal phytochemicals testing laboratories also looks for any contaminants like Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators, Heavy Metals (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, cadmium), Microbiological Contaminants, Mold, Fungus, Mycotoxins, Bacteria) and Process Solvents. If by chance any of the containments are found full batch of raw materials (dried bio mass) is manured, and full laboratory is sanitized. The process goes on till we have a pure medicine in hand.


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