Why Should You Grow Cannabis Outdoors? How to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Want to know how to grow cannabis outdoors? In this first episode of our series on growing cannabis outdoors, you get to meet the experts behind many of our successful cannabis grows and learn why it’s such a fulfilling experience growing marijuana at home and in full sun.

Swami Chaitanya, the founder of Swami Select describes himself as an Original Hippie. He traveled the world from South America to India before settling in the heart of the Emerald triangle, Mendocino county.

Co-founder of Swami select, Nikki Lastreto hails from San Francisco, where she had a career in media before traveling, spending much of her time in India. She considers herself a proper ‘60s flower child. She soon made her way to Mendocino as well, where she promotes sustainable, organic cannabis growing from reputable genetics.

Through this series, we aim to help growers—new and established alike—with growing cannabis outdoors. Your hosts talk about all of the considerations you need to make if you’re thinking about starting an outdoor grow. Starting with legality, then looking at the potential savings of harnessing the sun’s power and moving on to some of the finer details like weather conditions and which seeds to choose for your particular climate.

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Introduction – 00:00 – 00:32
Starting Out – 00:32 – 01:42
Cost and Environmental Benefits – 01:42 – 02:45
Can you Grow Cannabis? – 02:45 – 04:50
Choosing Your Genetics – 04:50 – 07:22
Recap 07:22 – 08:17
Outro (Discount Code) – 08:17 – 08:51