Why Are There so Many Different Kinds of CBD Oil?

Why do we carry so many different kinds of cbd oil? How do you know which cbd oil is right for you? This video describes some of the differences between the different brands of cbd oil that we carry. We try to carry the right oil to meet each customers needs. Since everyone’s needs are different we carry a lot of different brands.
What are the things to consider when choosing a cbd oil?
Are there ingredients in CBD Oil that I’m allergic to? Different companies use different carrier oils such as mct oil, olive oil, hemp oil, almond oil, etc.)
Why am I taking cbd oil? (Pain, anxiety, stress, sleep, inflammation, general health)
How much cbd oil should I take?
How often should I take it?
Are there other active ingredients in cbd oil? (such as ashwaganda or L-theanine for relaxation, cbn or valerian root, 5-HTP, GABA or chamomile for sleep, ginger or tumeric for inflammation, etc.)
What strain of hemp is used to make the cbd oil? Different companies use different strains of cbd oil and each strain has a different cannabinoid or terpene profile that makes it better for addressing different conditions. For example some companies try to maximize the allowable amount of THC in a product and some companies maximize or add extra CBG or CBN to their oils. Some companies use strains that are high in linalool and myrcene for sleep products or strains that are high in pinene and limonine for focus and mood improvement.
Not sure which product is right for you?
We are happy to spend time with customers to find out their needs so we can recommend the best product for them. Give us a call during business hours at 847-905-0391. (Yes! You can reach us by phone!)