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medical animation:
Pediatric ERCP ((Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)_

This medical animation illustrates some of the indications for performing ERCP in children at Cincinnati Children’s. ERCP is an advanced endoscopy therapeutic procedure more commonly performed in adult patients. It allows the physician to examine pancreatic and bile ducts using a bendable, lighted tube called an endoscope. Pediatric disease processes in need of an ERCP are similar but may be different from the indications in adult patients.

Medialab at Cincinnati Children’s
Animation: Jeff Cimprich and Ren Wilkey
Medialab Direction and additional content expertise: Ken Tegtmeyer, MD
Content Expert: Tom K. Lin, MD
Voiceover: Nitya Nair, MD

Medical animation text:
ERCP is an endoscopy procedure for the purpose of evaluating and treating abnormalities of the biliary and/or pancreatic ducts.

When indicated it can be performed in patients as young as newborn babies.

A flexible endoscope is passed through the mouth down to the small opening where the bile duct and pancreas drain.

A small, narrow catheter is passed through the scope to gain access to the drainage duct, followed by advancement of a wire deep into the duct.

In this example, a stone was found to be obstructing the bile duct.

A small cut is made at the bile duct opening to help facilitate stone removal.

The catheter is exchanged for an extraction balloon that is passed above the stone. The balloon is inflated above the stone, which is then removed from the bile duct pulling the stone into the intestines, where it will pass out of the body within the stool.

At the end of the procedure, the wire is removed along with the endoscope.

In this second example, a child with chronic pancreatitis has developed an obstructive narrowing within the pancreatic duct.

A dilating catheter is passed through the narrowing and the balloon is inflated to open the duct.

A temporary flexible stent is then placed through the previous ductal narrowing to allow the duct to heal.

After a few weeks in place, the stent is removed.

Cincinnati Children’s provides ERCP and other advanced endoscopic capabilities to patients of all ages.