pectin cbd thc hemp oil gummy candy making machine/how to make gummy candy

pectin cbd thc hemp oil gummy candy making machine/how to make gummy candy
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Our advantage
●Certificate UL&CE for all the electric parts;
●GMP standard for machine (SUS304+SUS316);
●R-shapes bending and SUS304 waterproof sandblasting surface more stronger for long life;
●Unique design for multiple candy mold;
●Full set of PLC system, and distance control system, Multi-language for PLC program;
●Wider de-mold plate will not damage easily with the molds, keep mold longer life;
●Electrical parts with international brands;
●Cleaning function and drain pipes;
●Warning signs of hidden parts and protection;
●CFA system available;
Shanghai QHBake Food Machine Co.Ltd, the large food machine manufacturer located in Shanghai China Since 1980. the company has more than 40 years of machine manufacturing history.The highest degree of integration, the country’s largest food machine production factory.

Profession in all confectionery (hard candy/soft candy/lollipop) and bakery (Biscuit/cookie/cake/wafer) equipment manufacturing.

Modern factory and advance Germany standard Machining center provide precise technology process to handle every detail of the every machine. , professional engineers team offer you the best plan according to you requirement.

In the past 40 years ,We have been constantly innovating and improving the machine to meet the demands of the market, adhering to the principle of “quality first, service first” to provide customers with excellent machines, Even can be customized all machine according to the actual needs of customers,there more than 150 countries bough machine from us.
Business Range:
● Gummy candy making machine
● Hard candy making machine
● Lollipop making machine
● Toffee candy making machine
● Marshmallow production line
● Chewing gum making machine
● Chocolate production line
● Candy bar making machine
● Tablet pressed candy machine
● Macaron making machine
● Biscuit-sandwich making machine
● Cookie capping machine
● Candy packaging machine
● Chocolate packaging machine
● Agar Crystal Ball Making machine
● Popping boba making machine
● And other food machinery
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