How to Tell When To Harvest Weed -Best Quality & Highest THC – 2022 Update

Harvesting weed at the wrong time is one of the most common rookie mistakes and in this video, we teach you the absolute best way to know when it’s time to chop your marijuana and weed plants.

From seed to harvest, marijuana plants have a broad range of growth periods. The duration of the growth cycle may depend on several factors, including growing medium,environment, nutrients and genetics. This combination of factors means that there is a high variability in how long it will take for peak and optimal THC and CBN levels. For the most part, it takes about 9 week of flowering for buds to fully mature but based on the factors listed above, it could be more or less.

The most effective way to tell when the best time is to harvest is by using a jeweler’s loupe to magnify the trichomes and use the color as a guide. Depending on the color of the trichomes, you can choose for optimal THC or CBN content and if you are going for the highest THC content, wait until all of the trichomes are clear. If you want more of a sedative high, THC converts to CBN and when trichomes turn amber, this signifies conversion.

Jeweler’s Loupe

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