How to make CANNABIS Honey Oil

Honey Oil – THIS IS NOT AN EDIBLE, consumption through inhalation only.

For this you will need:
1-2lbs of trim/shake/cannabis
1-1.5 gallons (4-6 Litres) of 99% Isopropyl (Rubbing Alcohol)
Coffee Filters
Glass Jars
Electric or induction Stove preferred to prevent fires from the burning of the alcohol

Step 1
Instead of preheating that oven today you have to pre-freeze your cannabis and your isopropyl. This is called a winterization, which causes the THC to fall off your cannabis much easier due to the hot and cold sensitivity of the plant. 24 hours to ensure a proper chill.

Step 2
Ensure your jars are cleaned (with rubbing alcohol, no water added to this process), and fill with your plant matter. Next fill the jar with the isopropyl to completely cover the cannabis. Give it a quick stir and let sit for 30 seconds. If you give it too much time it will extract the chlorophyl from the plant, giving you a lot of green in the alcohol. AVOID THAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

Step 3
Filter the alcohol through a strainer to get the majority of the plant matter removed from the jars.

Step 4
Clean your jars with rubbing alcohol to remove the rest of the plant matter. Ensure no water has been added!

Step 5
Pour your strained alcohol through the coffee filters to remove the remainder of the sediment from the alcohol. You want zero solid particles to remain in the alcohol before you cook it off

Step 6
On your electric or induction stove top, cook the alcohol from your jars in a frying pan at a low temperature between 120F and 190F. The lower the temperature the easier it is to control, but it will take longer. The alcohol will be burning off, do not let it get below half by constantly pouring more of it until you have cooked all of it off. Once you have poured your last jar, allow it to turn brown and develop some solid bubbling.

Step 7
When you are happy with the consistency, pour the oil into a glass container for storage. Refer to the video to see what consistency you prefer. Hard and solid or soft and runny.

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We are not medical professionals. Please consult with a licensed physician before consuming any Cannabis infused foods or drinks.

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