Cannabis: Steam Distillation Video (Quick Guide – Terpene Extraction)

A quick DIY tutorial on how to extract the essential oils from Cannabis using steam distillation. I am aware of the condenser inlet/outlet placement and will be redirected next video.
Items In Video:
– Steam Distillation Set/Kit (2000ml Flasks)
– Heating Mantle (120V | 450W – W/Magnetic Stirrer)
– Organic/Plant Matter (Local Cannabis Trim)
– Power Source (120V Wall Outlet)
– Distilled Water
– 5/16 x7/16 Tubing X2
– Pond Pump (300 GPH / 1200LPH)
– 9.5L (2.5G) Bucket (Drilled)
– Empty Vial
– Mason Jar(s) (For Hydrosol)
– Clean Ice

*Scent Based Product*
This does NOT produce an Intoxicating effect (Terpenes Only)

Music by: Alexander McMurtry (Sonny Dae).