Cannabis Guru Max Montrose Speaks on THC %, How to Buy Cannabis, & More | Couch Lock News #44

Welcome back to another video today Couch Lock Nation! We had the absolute privilege of interviewing the one and only Max Montrose. He is the founder and president of the Trichome Institute, author of “Interpening and The Art and Science of The Cannabis Sommelier”, a Level 3 Master Interpener, and may possibly be the most knowledgeable man in cannabis. We hope you have a fantastic day! Stay #CouchLocked people.

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0:00 Intro
3:48 Addressing the 710 Labs live stream
10:55 Does THC % matter?
13:50 THC % analogy
15:30 Full spectrum vs Broad spectrum
18:50 The Indica vs Sativa Fallacy
20:40 Interpening 101
25:06 Cannabis hops plant
31:40 Hop latent viroid
33:04 Cannabis beer effects…?
35:33 Fan questions
36:30 Cannabis and mushrooms
37:25 Educational cannabis books
38:52 Freakshow plants
41:15 Max’s favorite strain
42:32 The strain name dilemma
43:40 Max’s first cannabis experience
46:07 Advice for beginners
47:51 Psychedelic weed strains
52:00 Medical vs recreational cannabis
53:22 The issue with MMJ
57:15 Florida mold issues
58:00 Microwaving cannabis
1:02:20 Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
1:03:05 Hash vs concentrates
1:06:30 Edibles and psychosis
1:12:26 The Farnesene conundrum
1:17:28 Measuring Resin
1:19:03 Trichome Institute updates
1:25:20 Final 710 dumpster fire comments