Cannabis & Alzheimer’s: CBD/THC for Dementia? [Hemp, Marijuana, etc.]

CBD oils and “medical marijuana” are certainly hot-button topics. Among the touted benefits are the potential for counteracting inflammation, the possible reduction of anxiety and pain; and numerous other salubrious and supportive properties for treating conditions from cancer to obesity (and much else besides).

But! Do the active ingredients in Cannabis plants — components termed “cannabinoids” — provide any assistance for people suffering from various forms of dementia and cognitive impairment, including those with Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and so on?

In this video — my first after a several month long hiatus — I explore answers to these questions, drawing as usual from medical journals and news reports.

Along the way, I’ll draw and help explain the often confusing distinctions made between “hemp” (or “industrial hemp”) and “marijuana.”

Caveat: Mainly, my twin foci are Cannabidiol, referred to as “CBD,” and Tetrahydrocannabinol, or “THC.” However, by some counts, the total spectrum of cannabinoids may run in the hundreds. Exhaustively treating this entire array of chemicals is well beyond the scope of this presentation.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or healthcare practitioner of any kind. I am an academic researcher. Consequently, I have to stress that this video is intended for general informational or entertainment purposes only. Nothing herein — or anywhere else on this channel — should be construed as medical (or any other sort of) advice. If you require personalized evaluations or recommendations, you should seek licensed professionals in your area. Additionally, cannabis — whether as hemp or marijuana — is associated with several, attendant legal issues. I am not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice, either. This presentation is simply the rehearsal of my own personal research, which I make publicly available to viewers who are free to mine the the video for their own leads and must in any case draw their own conclusions. The information is presented as-is, and in good faith, but without guarantees or warranties of any kind. The audience assumes all liability for what is done (or not done) with this information!

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