Best Grow Lighting for Cannabis with Dr Bruce Bugbee | Far red ePAR

A complete guide to the best grow light spectrum and PAR intensity for cannabis with scientist Dr Bruce Bugbee, Founder of Apogee Instruments and professor at Utah state university.
We discuss recent studies on the effect of far red on plant growth and development and the proposed change to the definition of Photosynhthetically Active Radiation (PAR) to include far red wavelengths.

Link to Extended Photosynthetically Active Radiation (ePAR) Apogee Instruments information page:

00:00 Introduction
02:13 What is PAR
04:15 Blue Light effect on plant growth
10:30 Green Light effect on plant growth
13:05 Using green lights during the dark period
16:40 Red Light effect on plant growth
17:55 Red light effect on flowering
19:34 UVA effect on plant growth
22:55 Far Red effect on plant growth
28:23 The Emerson effect
32:03 New definition of PAR to include Far red wavelengths
35:50 How much Far red should be added to grow light spectrum
39:05 Far red effect on plant flowering
40:00 Putting plants to sleep with Far Red
43:47 Optimum PAR intensity for cannabis plants
48:02 The benefit of elevated CO2 levels
51:55 recommended PAR intensity for Autoflowers and dark period
56:05 Cannabis university

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